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Welcome. I am an expert in authentic, traditional Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Here I share with you, the lessons I’ve learnt through my life journey of mastering ancient traditions from my cultural heritage.
Master Siou Foon Lee

Decoding Destiny 2021 – Workshops Coming Soon!


Business Success FOR YOU in 2021!

One day face to face workshop
To share the secrets on:

  • How to DIY own office for quick business success in 2021.
  • Why could date selection pin point our business success in 2021?
  • What advantages can we snap from decoding our day-of birth info in 2021?

TAKE YOUR ACTION TODAY, to join this one-day exciting workshop with one of the most popular authentic Chinese Feng Shui masters in town.


The Ten Heavenly Stems

This BaZi workshop delves into the personalities & characteristics according to our dates of birth.


Face Reading 2021 – Mian Siang

This workshop further enhances the DECODING DESTINY 2021 WORKSHOP.

Personal strengths as well as weaknesses are discussed. Potentials are highlighted when discussing Heaven/Earth Luck written into facial features.


Contact me here if you would like to be kept informed of these workshops.


Master Siou Foon Lee, the co-author of three best sellers with Brian Tracey and other leading personalities.

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The 3 Cosmic Factors

Understanding the alignment of the three cosmic factors is ancient teaching for all of us in the modern world.

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