When we know the ingredients governing a successful stress-free life, we want to make sure these essential factors are part of our winning ways to create ultimate success fulfilling our financial goals.

Listed below are three reasons that we can learn and later teach what we have experienced to our children, young people in our lives or in our community.

These reasons will mostly contribute to their personal success should they decide to venture into personal growth and development in the future:

Cash flow is essential to keep financial status flourishing. The lack of money to grow dreams or to get started in whatever pursuit – is the sign waiting for personal failure to happen.

Knowing all about personal life management – what needs to be done, what is personally wanted out of life and how to create happiness is vital information.

Lack of knowledge about financial goals and lack of a vision of a future path can impede progress and growth of personal development.

Lack of support can contribute to a feeling of discouragement when there is no support from loved ones for the ideas of wealth building. The support of the local banks willing to give a line of credit and the local support of satisfied customers all adds up to keep cash flowing and business thriving.

Unless parents face reality about the poor economic times occurring in the near future and begin educating their children, young adults will go through the same cycle of financial woes. Our children will obviously not be alone: thousands of talented, intelligent and hard-working people just like our children will be on their own path of difficulties, feeling frustrated and burnt out if they meet with difficulties.

So what can we do?

It is not doom and gloom for our children – we can do something to teach them, wealth strategies that we can now learn and pass down to them.

Saving Your Money 

Be more open to greater possibilities of creating wealth. We can start at the very basics of plain accumulating money. The reason why most of us retire poor is we never put the initial savings aside to start with. Every large fortune is an accumulated saving of small amounts of money, and the place to start is now.

So take any amount of money that we can, right now and begin to put it aside as savings. When we begin to save money, it sets up a force field of energy and it triggers the law of attraction.

The resultant outcome of this exercise is we begin to constantly think about ways to attract money coming to us so as to add to our saving scheme. As soon as we start to put savings aside, we start to attract abundance into our life, our home and into our work.

The intention to accumulate will attract all the money that we need to achieve our goals. In other words, we need to align our thoughts; our desires, our goals and our values in the right direction and surprisingly our success of saving our money will increase.

Some things work in mysterious ways. Logical minds do not accept it. Cynical minds dismiss it. If it works, we should all be for it.

Get the Experience You Need 

The area where the law of accumulation applies is in the area of experience. If we have begun to save and accumulate wealth, we now have widened our chances and gained more experience than ever before.

In the past, saving was not something we did naturally, never an option we consciously chose. It is a different mindset now. We have now taken the opportunity to begin and now the option is opened up for us. Automating our finances to bank in more money will be another option of easing ourselves into the experience.

It is not what we make – it is what we keep. We can maximize our money so we can get out of debt faster. Over a period of time we find there is a steady flow of savings increasing.

Now that we have understood the experience of saving; we can pass this good habit onto our children and when they have the money – teach them to buy things they want in cold hard cash. It is not teaching them to dream impossible dreams to buy cars or homes in hard cash. At least saving for the initial deposits is starting well towards better financial management. Think of the interests saved from not borrowing on personal loans. Prudent wealth keepers have done it. Our children can too if they can master the idea.

No more about instant gratification

It is no more about instant gratification. It is this experience of at least beginning to adapt to the changing times that gives us and them a feeling of greater satisfaction.

Learning to put aside for the future and buying things with hard cash is a legacy worth passing down to children. When beginning to take risks that are necessary to establish new ventures or live our dreams doing what we love we are able to establish ourselves well and fast because one of the reasons was we knew we had savings to back us up.

Teach this way of thinking and commitment to saving to our children. Teach them that people do not take the risks that are necessary to move out of their comfort zone because they are afraid wealth building will not work out for them. One reason could be a lack of money. But their commitment to accumulate will see their savings backing them up in the dreams they want to pursue.

Money is not everything – but to set us up to lead quality life, to lead a financially stress-free life – money is everything.

We know the difference between being totally materialistic and obsessed with money and being wise and careful with money. We have the experience and we can walk the talk when we educate our children that money is everything when they want to have financial freedom to lead quality lives.

When the emphasis is on nothing but money – it is money talks and usually bullshit walks. Learn wise ways to use money as a tool to acquire the means to master the art of quality living enjoying what we are doing, working hard and playing hard.

People cannot tell the difference whether we are working or we are enjoying our play time. If we enjoy working for ourselves – working is not hard because we love what we are doing. We also play hard because we have time to spend on things that matter to us.

Teach our children that wise people know how to make MONEY work for them rather than they work hard for MONEY.

We can get all the experience we want. Live our life. Leave clues. Our children will pick up examples of our experience. Preaching seldom works as far as children are concerned. Children learn from successful examples.