A World of Memories & More…

a world of memoriesScrapbook, games, outdoor activities, mind games, holiday adventure, passing down family recipes, creating albums, starting a Face Book account, filling it with memories, messages of love and wise sayings and giving the password at your child’s milestone birthday as a surprise..

A future of digital communication and robotic technology

As parents of progress you see advances of digital communication and robotic technology as the life style of your child’s future. What are your thoughts for the future of your child? Do you embrace change and go with the flow or resist change? Your child’s future will happen in a blink of an eye. Be prepared. Forewarned is being fore-armed.

Personalised Consults

Be open to change. You cannot necessarily use your own childhood experiences to bring up your child. Bringing up off springs does not come out of a handbook. Times are different. Personalities are different. Lifestyles are different.

I do hope you will find this piece helpful.

Understand Heaven Luck. Harness Earth Luck. Activate Human Luck.

Heaven Luck/Destiny/BaZi is diagnosis. Earth Luck/Feng Shui is prescription,

Heaven heeds. Earth supports. Humans do.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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