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Sharing her Legacy, Love & Passion

Her legacy of love

Sharing the lessons she learnt through her life journey of mastering ancient traditions from her cultural heritage. Making a difference in keeping these traditional ancient practices alive for her grandchildren to inherit and enjoy and for the many who like her, are seekers of ancient wisdom as answers for modern applications.

Master Siou Foon Lee

A firm believer that learning is a life long journey, Master Siou Foon Lee’s desire to acquire more expertise drove her to uncover the true depth and authenticity of ancient Meta-Physical studies. Blessed with the ultimate privilege of mentorship, she was able to advance and seek more truths in a complex environment. Her passion now, is to keep these ancient traditions authentic and alive.


Since founding Feng Shui Innovations nearly two decades ago, Master Siou Foon Lee has risen to become an expert in authentic, traditional Feng Shui and Chinese astrology.

The decision she took to begin her journey of learning Chinese Meta-Physics changed her life forever. Her decision that it was time for self development was the game changer. Appreciative of the knowledge that came with her heritage, Siou-Foon begun her journey firstly choosing to train with Master Zheng Hao and later going on to teach Chinese acupressure at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Broadway, Sydney. She went back to her roots studying and training in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology.

A firm believer that “learning is a life long journey” the first step taken in 1994 has never stopped. Wanting to taste natural spring water she continued to find its source. Drinking pure and crystal clear water to her is so rewarding. The desire to acquire more ancient expertise drove her to uncover the true depth and authenticity of closely guarded practices. Blessed with the ultimate privilege of mentorship, she was able to advance and seek more truths in a complex environment.

In her second wave of extensive advanced studies, she delved deeper into Chinese Meta-Physics appreciating the ancient wisdom gained and valuable insights into practical applications and practices so rarely shared. Besides mastering Chinese astrology, she also delved into Vedic astrology to gain a deeper understanding of destiny analysis. Extensive case studies and research shared by her mentors help greatly when applying modern solutions to everyday challenges.

She has appeared on SBS as a Chinese massage therapist and as a Feng Shui consultant in a movie on alternative therapies called “Romancing the Chakras.” In developing herself in her early stages she completed her mastery training where she was named best student. She also won another prestigious honour that boosted her respected international reputation when her peers selected her as the most helpful student.

In her early years as she began to practice Feng Shui she saw remarkable results in her clients’ lives. Her own Feng Shui Innovations business grew so rapidly that she was forced to make a choice between lecturing and full time consulting. Her career change following her love of Chinese Meta-Physics paid off when she was made a professional trainer for Australia. The International organization she joined chose her to speak in Germany at the First World Classical Feng Shui Conference.

In Australia, Master Siou Foon Lee is recognized for pioneering traditional Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. She has actively introduced the subject participating in festivals and shows popularizing the ancient tradition, appearing in TV interviews, introducing the subject to viewers on Channel 9 in the “Money Program” and Channel 7 in Sunrise & Morning Show. She has gained extensive exposure in the media over the years as well appearing in a Business Review Weekly write up. Her consultancy and professional training is where Master Siou Foon Lee shares her values, integrity and dedication to the ancient art as practiced by traditional masters.

Master Siou Foon Lee shares the belief that the external world desperately requires us to tap into our own positive and authentic potentials and tapping into these powers, we can create value. It is her passion, her vision to encourage as many people as possible to see this powerful reality. She succeeded igniting her own unique potentials to master an authentic ancient practice at the highest level.

It is now her dream to keep this ancient Earth science alive. In 2011 Master Siou Foon Lee begun another journey of training under Brian Tracy in public speaking and writing. She shared her Chinese philosophy and Eastern ancient wisdom when she co-authored three best sellers with Brian Tracy, a noted business development expert and other leading world experts. Her contribution ‘Factors governing Success’ in her first co-authoring book ‘Cracking the Success Code’ won her a Quilly award from the National Academy of Best Sellers.

Her two other best selling co-authored books are ‘The Secret Of Winning Big.” 2012 and ‘The Ultimate Success Guide’ 2013. She also co produced ‘Feng Shui For Business Success’ with Brian Tracy in 2013.  An award “Honours in Services” by the Top 100 magazine in December 2013 encouraged her to start sharing her knowledge.

MasterSiouFoonLee.com was created so that subscribers can learn more about ancient wisdom of Chinese Meta-Physics. Her purpose is to share her learning, leave her legacy, her passion to all lovers of ancient practices who treasure a journey of discovering ancient wisdom and to her grandchildren to enjoy well into their adulthood.

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