Ancient Knowledge

ancient knowledgeIt is a known fact my ancestors used BaZi, Chinese astrology and traditional Feng Shui to help them to focus entirely on improving and uplifting all the major areas of their lives.

What I learnt gave me deep focus and intense clarity. You can accept the wisdom and apply it or do more research to find better ways.

Practising this ancient system of knowledge has been a way of life in my culture at the new birth of a child. The system of using astrology is my culture’s alternative way to seek answers from relevant elements known as The Five Elements – the hidden secret within any child’s birth data. Like any knowledge, there are misconceptions when the knowledge is misinterpreted.

What is clear are solid principles of Yin-Yang, the Growth and Production Cycle, the Control and Weakening Factor and the Cycle of Change as shown in the principle of The Five Elements – the corner stone of BaZi decoding.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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