The other day I was in a grocery store close to where I was gainfully employed nearly two decades ago. I saw a lady, a total stranger to me, wearing the same kind of uniform I wore two decades ago in my last employment. I smiled at her and started a conversation about her uniform reminding me of my last profession. I mentioned the place she could be working in might be the place I was last at.

Surprisingly she smiled back at me asking for my name. I felt strange, curious and totally blown away by what she said after I told her my name was Siou-Foon. She called me by my married name – a name I used at the last place I worked in and where she is currently employed.

The conversation went like this: You have just met me how did you know I am Mrs Lee.

Her reply: I guessed.

My reply: But how did you know who I was? We have just met.

Her reply: All of us who worked there after you left know you and your story.

My answer: I left so long ago.

Her reply: I know. I also know you are a Feng Shui master now.

Totally blown away by what she said: What? How did you know that?

Her reply: They still talk about you. You left such a good reputation.

I could not believe my ears that they spoke so highly of me to new recruits – what I did and who I have become. We discussed names and I was told news of work mates I knew back then.

Inevitable Change

Not many knew the torment I went through in the last two years before I finally decided it was time to leave. I fluctuated between complacency and agony. I agonised about staying and accepting the rut I felt. At the same time I knew my time was up and I had to move on.

That afternoon brought back a well of emotions. I remember that year very well – the year I created change.

When change is inevitable it is interesting how I seemed to dislike change. I resisted change preferring to stay in my comfort zone. When stagnancy sets in, my life will ultimately sink into a deep rut.

The best thing for me to do is to STOP wasting energy fighting the need to change. I saw the need to embrace change. It could be a huge opportunity for me. If used properly, change could keep me on my toes and at the top of my game.

So I needed to get out of my comfort zone if I wanted to grow and develop. To accelerate change I had to take action and implement that change. Without change, there would be no new perspective, no new outlook on life and no new ideas.

If I resist change would I think differently if I knew what lies ahead? Would I fear the unknown if I knew what to change. Would I still change if I knew it would make me happier? Knowing change is for my greater good makes it even better.

I knew the timing was right for change and now I am glad, very glad that I accelerated change.

No Reason to Fear Change

It is natural to hate giving up my comfort zone. For too long it has been my security blanket. It is only me that could not see how complacent I have become. Familiarity can breed contempt. I have over used that security blanket, clinging to it well past the used-by-date. Like all things that have expiry dates – they become absolute, useless and invalid.

People supporting me while I was implementing changes see a better version of a better me. In all honesty I soon realised there was no reason to fear inevitable change. In the beginning there was uncertainty and confusion and the wish to bring back the old. Believe me the new is better when I know what new changes will bring. So I left the old me behind. I embraced life in my new skin.

When I adopted changes I now realise that I had entered a realm of new possibilities where I could maximise the potential that was hidden from my view. Transformation occurred the moment I saw the full significance of the existence of a life ahead and the path I will take.

A new view of my life journey unfolded as destiny led the way. New possibilities along the highway of life emerged. I can build on my skills, expand my experiences and achieve peak performance.

I discarded the perspective of what I believed was right for me being in my old employment. I was stuck in old ways unaware that there is a possibility to shine. The familiarity of a comfort zone kept me complacent; lazy to adjust to the inevitable wave of change.

Time for Making Change

I am sure reading my experience you will ask – when should you make changes?  What changes should you make?

At certain periods in a luck cycle there is a feeling of unhappiness. InChinese astrology terms these uncertain times are poor annual luck or ten year luck cycles.

It could be a general feeling of being a square peg in a round hole. At times like these – you feel the need to fundamentally change the reality you created. You intuitively know the message you are sending out does not resonate with who you really are. This is when you begin to seek answers.

In finding answers, you agonise about whether you have a better option of staying where you are or to remove yourself from an unhappy stagnancy. Do you create change from within or do you align yourself with a mission bigger than yourself. You realise it is time for change. But what change should you decide on?

Then the penny drops. You get it. You need to educate yourself in acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill that mission. The next thing to do as part of your change is apply action. You canbuild up the resourceful aspect of acquiring knowledge and skills to fulfill your mission.

You want to grow your entrepreneurial venture but you realise after much trial and error that the delivery of your message needs more of your attention and focus. At least you know what you can improve on, to lift up your game to go up to the next level. It is time to make changes.

Concentrating on improving performance and working on generating ideas to improve your message is focusing on performance leading to productivity. It is action to improve that sees you lift your game.

When you have been having a spate of bad outcomes it is crucial that you choose that turning point in your life. If you can manage to see light at the end of a tunnel then it is time to walk towards it. It is time for change. Light at the end of the tunnel is a sign that the bad period is coming to an end.

Bad luck will not last forever. The bad luck is only doom and gloom if you did not prepare for the downturn by lying low with no high expectations of a big win.

Windows of opportunity opening up for you will definitely make life easier. That turning point you were waiting for could be the breakthrough in your financial destiny of wealth creation, business success, career advancement or enjoyment of good health after a health scare. All you have to do is to tap into your personal mission and turn it into your personal fortune.

But how do you know when these opportunities arrive? For such breakthroughs you cannot afford a wait and see game. While you wait, the opportunity is gone.  You know for a certainty that the sun will rise every morning. It is reality that the sun will set when the day is done. But how do you know when you should change?

It is at times of uncertainty that an inner intuitive compass or a crystal ball will be so valued. But you have no such intuitive compass. If you owned one, you could get to see what lies ahead. But how many get to see what lies ahead?

You do not feel 100% satisfied with your current work situation, the amount of free time you spend with your family and friends, or the future of your financial situation.  If you find your interest flagging, it’s time to make a change. To find success, you need to be fully committed or your work will show it.

Only you can initiate making changes. What changes you make depends on how evolved you are to want to make life better than what it is.