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The key to understanding BaZi – the 4 Pillars of Destiny, lies in understanding the interaction & user-ability of the 5 Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Understanding its principles helps you to profile your strengths as well as your weaknesses, making informed decisions easier especially when faced with decision you have to make concerning your career, options, seeking advancement or putting it off for a balanced working/family life.

The insights gained reveal options of a clear pathway of ease to take versus the constraints you meet along the path of great resistance. The decoding of the 8 characters [BaZi] gives powerful insights to formulate strategies to design your life of advancing your career versus taking a less stressful role. Knowing what you know about yourself, you can create a vision of excellence and grace juggling with your options.

Timing is of great essence. Ancient sages teach that doing the right thing in the right place at the right time brings great fortune. In Chinese astrology, this timing of human activity can be calculated. Auspicious date selection is the key in strategizing for result-oriented outcomes like climbing the corporate ladder at the optimum time or leaving a successful career for starting a family. Knowing that the power of nature is working to create good outcome makes difficult decision-making easier. The purpose of selecting a good date is to help kick start a successful event like planning a caesarean section or a cosmetic surgery to ensure a good harvest.

In the game of competition, winning is ultimately about staying ahead. BaZi is able to forecast and foretell what the outcome is going to be, even before decisions are made. Your strategy of holding back is to avert the threat of risk-taking. To win in the game of life of wearing different hats for different occasions – you need to be adept at maximizing strengths and diminishing weaknesses. In predicting your next move you must take the most advantageous course of action. BaZi insights are invaluable to plan strategic moves. How well you position yourself ultimately claims victory in the game of wearing different hats on different occasions.

Living life following the path of less resistance in a ladies’ life chart is about opening the door to a whole new world of options. Deciphering the codes embedded within the eight characters – you will bring to life the understanding of a new realm of possibility. Once you have analysed the interactions of the 5 Elements of Stems and Branches (Chinese astrology terms) and know what and who they represent, you have an understanding of the 5 key life situations.

It is also a matter of great importance to find out where your capacity, possibilities and potentials lie in these areas and whether these areas fall into favourable sectors of your life or they cause stress to you. The key areas in life management are in:


  • High performance in displaying talent
  • Creation of wealth ideas
  • Expression and communication
  • Best practices of performance and display of talent


  • Productivity and management of wealth
  • Financial freedom, earning abundant positive cash flow
  • Property, income or earning salaried money
  • Entrepreneurial ventures or business enterprises


  • Exercising authority and power of influence
  • Stepping up to roles of responsibility, leadership qualities,
  • Heading organizations or corporations
  • Taking up politically correct roles, exerting discipline


  • Resourcefulness, supportive roles in encouraging and nurturing
  • Seeking of knowledge, gaining a sense of security and comfort
  • Best practice of health care and well being

Network of Associates:

  • Network of associates, joint collaboration
  • Partnerships, competition and rivalry
  • Best practices of networking

Day Master:

  • The day master and how confidence, stability, trust is used
  • Core values and potentials unique to the day master
  • The roles the day master plays in relationships

Capacity, Presence & Ownership

  • The capacity, presence and ownership of key aspects
  • The different levels of wealth creation
  • The skill of creating the end result
  • Resourcefulness
  • Performance skills

This proven, ancient practice has guided Imperial China for thousands of years. The ancient masters have left its lasting legacy helping Chinese people down through the generations to seek answers when meeting modern challenges. Today, its countless end users view destiny reading as an investment rather than as an expense, never as an after-thought but as a way of life in meeting any new year prepared to take on challenges. You can have this proven practice as a life management system to make a difference in your life.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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