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Decoding Birth Data Analysing Destiny Designing Life

Chinese philosophy says that in life, “Humans stand between Heaven and Earth.” In our affairs, whether we like it or not, we are ruled by Heaven above and impacted by the Earth you stand on. Destiny is Heaven Luck. Feng Shui is Earth Luck. What actions Humans do or take – activates Human Luck.

The ancient sages have passed down a fascinating body of knowledge to decode Heaven Luck acquired in their observation and study of the planetary system. They kept records of events and happenings. Who are we to dispute these ancient, mind boggling findings? Who are we to dispute their centuries of record keeping of their successes?

They teach that Humans need Earth science and need to know what Heaven has in store for them. Humans have to seize opportunities when they appear and make things happen when they are in the right place doing the right thing at the right time. Modern masters teach what the ancient sages have been teaching all the while that “being in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time” will bring good outcomes. This is what we can learn from too. BaZi reading, based on thousands of years of Chinese history, is a reliable and alternative tool to use in contemporary living. The decoding of our birth details reveals great insights into understanding of who we really are. BaZi – the traditional Four Pillars of Destiny charting pertains to the year, month, day and hour of birth.

According to ancient teachings, there is this unique underlying energy present at that point of time of our birth. Our destiny when decoded will help us understand why our life is an uphill climb sometimes, and smooth sailing at others. The two pathways – one of greater ease and the other of great resistance – are open for us to choose. Knowing our Four Pillars of Destiny, we can deal powerfully with each and every aspect of life under the BaZi system. The Day Master refers to the person holding the destiny code in the astrological chart.

This proven, ancient practice has guided Imperial China for thousands of years. The ancient masters have left the lasting legacy to help their descendants down through the generations to seek answers when meeting modern challenges. Today, its countless end users all over Asia view destiny reading as an investment rather than as an expense, never as an after thought, but as a way of life in meeting any new year prepared to take on challenges. It is now available for others to embrace.

How BaZi can help you

The key to understanding Chinese astrology – the BaZi system – lies in understanding the interaction & user-ability of the 5 Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water. Understanding its principles helps you to profile your strengths as well as knowing your weaknesses. This insightful information leads to you making informed decisions easier.

When you follow your natural potentials you will live your life filled with joy. But if you focus on your weakness, everything in life is hard work. The insights gained reveal options of a clear pathway of ease to take following strengths and capacities versus the constraints you meet along the path of great resistance filled with hard work, literally surviving as you work around your limitations. The decoding of the 8 characters in the destiny charting gives powerful insights to formulate strategies to design your life. Knowing what you know about yourself and your capacities, you can create a vision of excellence and grace following your purpose in life.

The key lies in the insights gained about your core values, traits, characteristics, personality and behaviour. How you, the Day Master resonates in the 5 key areas of Output (what you generate,) Wealth (what you create,) Authority (the end result of output and productivity and what supports Resource,) Resource (what supports you) and Self Element (what strengthens you so that you can produce more.)

The Key Areas in Life Management


It is good to know your personal capacity for wealth accumulation if that field interests you. Not knowing your incapacity you are wasting precious time doing what you are not good at. However, if you know that you can succeed leveraging on the strength of others, waste no more time trying to go against what Heaven has in store for you.

BaZi insights are invaluable when planning strategic moves. How well you position yourself ultimately claims victory in the game of competition and negotiation. Whatever insightful information your BaZi master gives you, you must use the valuable information to design the life you want. It is important that you know what your end game is, when designing your life path – “Heaven shows the way but Human must take the action”

The Five Star Elemental Energy

The circle of life starts with you. Each life situation begins with you, the Day master, the ruler of your birth date. The Five Star Energy always follows a productive cycle. Each area is represented by an elemental energy dependent on the elemental make up of the Day Master which can take on a personal profile of any of these elements: wood, fire, earth, metal or water.

  1. Output Code – what the Day Master produces & what weakens the Day Master. The Output code is what controls the Authority code.
  2. Wealth Code – what the Day Master controls and what control the Day Master. The Wealth code controls the Resource code.
  3. Authority Code – what empowers the status code, the discipline code & the Day Master. The Authority code controls the Self Element code.
  4. Resource Code – what supports the Day Master to seek knowledge, comfort & well being. The Resource code controls the Output code.
  5. Self Element Code strengthens the Day Master and provides networking or competition. The Self Element code like the Day Master controls the Wealth code.
  6. Day Master – how the Day Master resonates to the different life situations.

The Key Areas in your Life Management:

Living life following the path of less resistance of following strengths rather than focusing on inherent weakness is about opening the door to a whole new world of options. The key areas are: Network of Associates, Output, Wealth, Authority and Resource.

Output is about high performance in displaying talent, creation of wealth ideas, expression and communication, best practices of performance and display of talent, decision making, choices made, & creativity.

Productivity and management of wealth, financial freedom, earning abundant positive cash flow, property, income or earning salaried money, entrepreneurial ventures or business enterprises, the ability to put ideas into action, honest hard work, the ability to organize and manage affairs.

Exercising authority and power of influence, stepping up to roles of responsibility, leadership qualities, heading organizations or corporations, taking up politically correct roles, exerting discipline, ability to influence others, lead the way, creativity and authority to see and achieve the end result.

Resourcefulness, supportive roles in encouraging and nurturing, seeking of knowledge, gaining a sense of security and comfort, best practice of health care and well being, the ability to amass means to retire, to earn the right to enjoy the hard work.

Network of Associates
Network of associates, joint collaboration, partnerships, competition and rivalry, best practices of networking

Day Master
The day master and how confidence, stability, trust is used, core values and potentials unique to the day master & the roles the day master plays in relationships.

Capacity, Presence & Ownership
The capacity, presence and ownership of key aspects, the different levels of wealth creation, the skill of creating the end result, resourcefulness & performance skills.

You and the Five Star Elemental Energy


You, sibling, friend, associate, competitor





Children, Hired Help,








Deciphering the codes embedded within the eight characters – you will bring to life the understanding of a new realm of possibility. Once you know the five key areas in your life situations what and who the five areas represent, you have an understanding of the 5 key life situations in your career, home life, relationship and personal life.

The Day master is you – you are the point of reference. Knowing how you relate to the different people in your life gives you powerful and valuable insights. Output refers to children and subordinates. Wealth indicates the father and wife for a male Day master while Resource producing you explains the position of the mother. The Authority Element indicates the boss and also the husband for a female day master. The Self Element shows the presence of siblings, friends, associate or competitor.

Key Areas & the Five Star Elemental Energy they represent:

The Day Master: WaterElement: Water produces Wood
The Output Element: Wood Element: Wood produces Fire
The Wealth Element: Fire Element: Fire produces Earth
The Authority Element: Earth Element: Earth produces Metal
The Resource Element: Metal Element:   Metal produces Water
The Network of Associates: Water Element: Water produces Wood

Here the Day Master is Wood and in a productive cycle Wood generates Fire; Fire produces Earth, Earth produces Metal, Metal generating Water and Water produces Wood. Following the productive cycle each key area is assigned an element. The chart below is self explanatory.

The Cycle of Production in the Key Areas of Life Management











When you know your aspirations, desires and dreams, the key to success is making a choice, planning your goals and making a commitment to stick to making your goals a realty. BaZi is structured on giving you insights to your true sense of direction and master plan to take you from where you are to where you will succeed in a faster path of greater ease. Know yourself before you say hello to the world. It makes great sense to know where your potentials lie before choosing a pathway. Do you know who you are before the world told you who you should be?

Your destiny and fate does impact you in your everyday life. You will come to the realization that with focus on how to act on your strengths you can make the correct changes along your chosen path in life. If you have had a rough ride it is time to leave your stories behind. Make peace with your past and look forward to shaping your future. Find out if you possess the social ability that will propel you to success far more effectively than any amount of hard work that you do.

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Find out more and begin living a life on purpose and helping others do the same. Awake your mind, unleash it and expand your consciousness. Be the living example that you wish to see in this life. As Gandhi advised, be the change you want to see.

When you know and understand the powerful insights gained from understanding your BaZi, the Four Pillars of Destiny, you should be able to utilize the circumstances and events surrounding you to assist you in achieving your goals in life. All you have to do is to be present for the moment. Be at the right place at the right time and do the right thing. This piece of sound advice will help move you closer to achieving your personal goals.

You are the engineer. Nobody but you can start the engine.

I hope you will find this piece helpful.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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