Chinese Metaphysics: Chinese Philosophy

chinese philosophyIn Chinese philosophy, it is about taking appropriate action when time and space is appropriate. For the Chinese, it is not about right or wrong. It is about being appropriate. Every situation demands a different reaction.

In your case, if you wish to follow Chinese philosophy, rather than waiting for the right place and right time to do the right thing you can place yourself in the right space at the right time to do the right thing in order to win big and grasp success. Whatever luck you can garner, helps to propel you in the right direction. However, you cannot attribute phenomenal success solely to Earth luck.

Going beyond luck, it is necessary to have skills to build and grow enterprises as well as careers. The Confucian way of thinking has allowed us to be quietly aggressive. We create the right connection; we use the acquired information; when we are at the right place at the right time so as to do the right thing. We select the space to be in and connect with the right people. It is about maximizing the situation. If you follow this philosophy, you, the engineer of your car called Destiny, can learn that nobody but you can start the engine. Confucius, the philosopher’s advice is to understand and act according to destiny. To maximise luck, there is a need to follow what the ancient sages teach about the factors governing success. Success is governed by five key important factors, namely:

  • Destiny: determined at birth, knowable but unchangeable.
  • Luck: varies with time but is predictable.
  • Feng Shui: The art that studies the environment and how Qi interacts with home or premise.
  • Virtues: good deeds like charity for the needy, donations to the poor.
  • Education/Knowledge: Without education, knowledge & effort, good luck can be wasted.

It is up to you when it comes to choices. The roadmaps you get to help you along the highways of life will need personal qualities such as will power, determination, hard work and self belief. Your sincere efforts to do the right thing will be rewarded especially charity work, donations to the needy, virtues and education.

By having your birth data analysed you get to know your destiny and luck. For Feng Shui, it will be in the realm of Earth luck. To activate it, you need to find a good location with good Feng Shui principles to obtain a good resultant outcome that will lead to success. Feng Shui can also be used to boost your luck as well as to safeguard when our luck is down. On the micro perspective, you can use Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection to achieve the results that you want.

The ancient sages advise us about carrying out more good deeds is the most basic law of nature. Doing good deeds like helping others will bring enormous benefits because it is natural that when you need help, others will help you too. Study is basically to increase your knowledge and the more you gather knowledge, the better informed you can become and the wiser you are. For example, if you happen to learn Chinese astrology or Qi Men Dun Jia, then you will have the knowledge to improve your life.

Knowing your destiny is getting to know your options. Knowing them helps you to make choices. Not knowing your destiny gives you limited choices. Not having options to choose, you have to choose the best you can. You get to understand your capacities including your limitations, your strengths, your weaknesses, flaws and also the self sabotages you carry making “stories” of past hurts and pain as excuses for not moving forward.

“When you come from a sports background, failure is a big part of it because you cannot break a record if you don’t fall along the way” – Arnold Schwarzenegger on bouncing back from failure. Be empowered to deal with whatever cards you are dealt with and whatever the world of life in general and business in particular puts In front of you. BaZi gives glimpses into the key areas and what you are going to find is that these are guidelines that can be utilized in formulating strategies in life management.

I do hope you will find this piece helpful.

Understand Heaven Luck. Harness Earth Luck. Activate Human Luck.

Heaven Luck/Destiny/BaZi is diagnosis. Earth Luck/Feng Shui is prescription,

Heaven heeds. Earth supports. Humans do.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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