Chinese Metaphysics: Date Selection

date selectionBeing in the right place at the right time doing the right thing brings good fortune.

In Chinese Meta-Physics, Feng Shui/Earth Luck explores the harnessing of Qi. Date Selection, an ancient art of Chinese astrology, emphases on activating auspicious Qi. Harmonising Human activities with nature is a crucial component for success. Moving into a new home where Qi resides or running a business where Feng Shui has been implemented, need Qi activation.

The sole purpose of date selection is to commence all milestone events on an auspicious date so as to get a good head start. This kick start is like planting the seeds knowing a good harvest is ensured when an auspicious date is selected to activate Qi. It is also to enhance the events that follow to lead to good resultant outcomes. Harnessing benevolent Qi is calculating the positioning of the planets in the galaxy using a unique calendar system of calculation.

Date selection can also be used to predict the course of events from commencement to completion. Qi Men Dun Jia, a date selection system, also gives optimum results when choosing a good date and timing to execute your plan. Manual calculation is a complex process taking weeks just to find a good date. The process of manual calculation is shortened and a good date can be found within minutes using software for the application of Qi Men Dun Jia, the Flying Palace system. Human actions and date selection count for much and it is the appropriate thing carried out and planned in a particular time that will make all the difference.

The Essence of Timing

You are thinking BIG – you have ambitious plans. Are things going according to plan for you?  Have you put your strategy into play? Yes, you have – but are they going according to plan? Nobody ever gets anywhere thinking small and since you want to make a mark in your life, you might as well take it to the highest level all the way. You really want to aim high and nothing, really nothing should get in the way of you achieving success.

There should be nothing standing in your way except obstacles you meet (of course). But there is something else that stands between YOU and THINKING BIG. It is DESIRE. You desire Big Success and you believe from the depth of your soul that the more obstacles you meet on your way towards what you want, the more determined you are to remove them. You think you know that you are on the right path. You cannot be wrong. You created and planned your strategies. You know that it takes many steps and it is not a one step process anyway, so since you’re already on the path, you might as well go for it. You remembered to start with a master plan, and you did – so you are going to make success happen.

There is a HUGE difference between knowing what you want; creating a strategy of how to move successfully towards what you desire and following your own formulated instructions in the RIGHT TIMING and carrying it in the WRONG TIMING. There is a huge difference between making things happen at the right time and starting to make things happen at the wrong time. You believe that if you want it and you go get it, it’s only a matter of time. But the matter of time is the MOST CRUCIAL EQUATION.

You may never even realize that TIMING plays a HUGE difference between desire at the right time and desire at the wrong time. It has nothing to do with mindsets and everything to do with mindsets.

Here is what I mean:

– That the reason you might be just surviving financially is not because of your wrong mindset but because you are in the down turn of your luck cycle.

– That the reason you are not receiving monetary rewards in wealth creation or honorary acclaim for your peak performance is not you are not talented or do not have a Midas touch but because the timing of starting that venture is wrong.

– It is doom and gloom for many like you, surviving in the downturn cycles of time in your personal luck. While you and others like you are in struggle mode watching others having awesome strokes of luck. Is it fair?

– Life seems unfair as it seems you have been dealt with the wrong pack of cards. This picture of a particular scene in your life should not be painted this way in your mind. But it is accepting that there is a cycle of time in nature, in worldly affairs and in human affairs and it is just the way it is,

When you are in the down turn of your luck cycle you cannot miraculously grow your current savings account to ten or twenty times what it is, even through hard work. Unless a rich godfather puts money into your coffers.

– You have reaped such financial rewards in the upturn of your luck cycle. All doom and gloom disappears when you feel you have a different pack of cards. The story is really different this time around. Your luck has changed.

– Many like you are in survival mode because of not knowing there is a better way and a better time; being too much in a rut and too comfortable to remove complacency or not ambitious enough to think big when the timing is ripe. When you are being too comfortable and when the tide turns you are not really aware until it is too late to reap benefits at the turn of the tide.

– The wealthy geniuses of the world can consciously multiply money, but even that brilliance was at one time extreme humility when on their own they could not open doors to incredibly powerful wealth creation systems.

– You hear stories of such successful people having met misfortune before finding their pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. Are you hearing stories of down turns changing to upturns?

– You often hear stories of successful people going through months and years of struggle including bankruptcy, losing everything, divorce and even several near death experiences only to walk into discovering the secrets to creating wealth. Were they meeting misfortune because of downturns?

– Or you read about tens or thousands of students or followers of step-by-step easy to follow secrets of amassing wealth and the lucky ones go on to truly next levels because of hard work coupled with good upturns in cycles of personal cycles.

– But you never hear stories of how others (even though they implement the wealth creation system) meet with obstacles. When you meet with failure yet again you are disheartened. Should you know that your timing of starting a new venture was inappropriate, then you will stop feeling you are a failure in life.

According to the teachings of ancient sages, you have “to be in the right place doing the right thing at the right time” to meet success. Just as night turns into day, good luck cycles do not last forever nor do downturns go on forever. In human affairs – timing is a key factor in the search of success.

There is a time and tide in human affairs. Just as time and tide waits for no man who is in the prime of a great luck cycle – hesitating or procrastinating is a bad move. Going out fishing at a low or ebb tide, will find boats coming back with hardly any catch. Low tides are not windows of opportunities for fishermen expecting good catches.

If you’re not feeling in the right place to take on building your finances right now, I highly recommend that you hold your horses buying into any new paradigm video or listening to any new message that any guru of any system has created. Buying courses to commence learning and implementing changes should be carried out when the timing is right. Your astrological charts for the cycles of time and the cycles of luck are personal to you. Just as one man’s meat is another man’s poison, one man’s upturn is another man’s downturn. No human luck cycle is created equal.

Believe me that not buying into a program to create wealth no matter how lucrative it sounds, has nothing to do with your mindset but everything to do with your mindset too. It depends on which mindset we are discussing. You want to become wealthy and with this mindset of improving your wealth status you can go ahead and improve your financial status. What is needed is a change of mindset about doing it at any time versus doing it at the opportune timing.

There are highs and lows and the right timing for you wanting to become insanely wealthy – is when that window of opportunity opens up – seize it. When the timing is wrong success is not instantaneous – just hold your horses. Hold tight to the reins and if you wait – the perfect timing will come. A window of opportunity will open up. (Trust me, ancient sages are madly right. And they gave tips on how to put ourselves in the right place [Feng Shui] and they have been proven right.)

Ancient Tip #1:

When the timing is right, you should pursue your dream. When it is a fortunate luck cycle, it is time to make it come true. When that all important window of opportunity opens, don’t hesitate.

Ancient Tip #2:

Make your wealth mindset and the fortunate golden period in your cycle of time, your greatest friend, asset and ally in multiplying your wealth, in exerting your power of influence or in seeking a promotion or a raise.

Ancient Tip #3:

When your wealth mindsets are right but the timing is wrong – you should not pursue your dream yet. When it is downturn time, it is time to plan strategically how to make dreams of becoming wealthy come true when the tide changes. When that all important window of opportunity opens in the upturn, don’t hesitate or procrastinate. However in low tide it is not the time to act no matter how keen you are. It is preparation time for what is to come. When the dam gates of opportunity burst open – are you ready?

In Chinese astrology and the affairs of human activity – timing can be calculated. BaZi explores Qi, Date Selection activates Qi. Starting on the right footing is important. The purpose is to activate not only good Qi but the relevant Qi to help kick start a successful event to aim for a ripple effect for all events that follow to have good resultant outcomes. All milestone events seeking a head start need Date Selection. A good Date Selection ensures a good harvest.

Date Selection Services include:

1. Ground breaking

2. Starting Renovation

3. Starting Operations

4. Moving In

5. Official Opening

6. Contract Signing

7. Product Launching

8. Weddings

9. Burying the Dead

10. Migrating

Date Selection is an ancient Chinese art in astrology of harmonizing activities with nature to produce good vibes. The Chinese used this art for both major and minor events. Date Selection helps to give a sense of security when making difficult decisions. It is comforting knowing the power of nature is behind in creating good outcomes.

Date Selection is based on matching the elemental values of each of the endeavours with the positioning of the planets with the terrestrial elements. The trilogy of Heaven, Earth and Human each plays a unique part in maintaining the balance of life and how Heaven (Destiny Analysis) Human (Action) and Earth (Feng Shui of the Land) and the Activation of Heaven, Earth and Man lies in Date Selection.

There are two systems in Chinese Meta-Physics that deal with date selection. One is the Chinese astrology system – namely BaZi also known as the Four of Pillars of Destiny and the other is Qi Men Dun Jia, the Flying Palace. The English name is The Eight Mystical Doors. The latter system can be at your finger tips as there is software accompanying it should you desire to learn this ancient system for personal use.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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