Destiny Decoding of Your Child’s Birth Data

decode your childs birth dataDid you know that – knowing your child’s destiny decoding – can help guide you in important decisions that you need to make for your child’s development and guidance of potentials and capacity to perform?

Did you know that Chinese Meta-Physics has guided on many subjects that matter? Every child has potential but the choice to make any decision or take any action is entirely up to each individual. The choice ultimately is your child’s choice when he/she comes of age. But your child needs to maximise his/her potentials at a very deep level.

But what are your child’s potentials, at this point in time? In order to help achieve goals in the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction, you as a loving parent need to understand your child’s inborn potentials. There are many types – Business minded type, Resource type, the Friend or Competitor Type or the Leadership Type.

The destiny code reveals this and more.

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