Enhancing Optimum Health and Well Being

optimum healthIn your autumn years, the rest and relaxation you indulge in, the food you eat, the people you keep company with and the activities you occupy your mind with including the activities and light exercises you participate in will guide you through your journey through life.

Transformation begun ages ago will remain gorgeous till the end. In cracking the code for optimum health and well being, it is good to place yourself well in your home. It is vital to your ultimate success in ensuring a good health record, comfortable sleep patterns and relaxing ways to lead stress-free lives.

In the autumn years, the emphasis is very much attuned to harnessing vital and energising Qi. At this level, Qi must not stagnate and wane. Where you live can have an influence on your wellbeing. In an environment where you wake up fresh each morning, perform your everyday chores at peak level and live healthily and happily on a daily basis, your life will certainly be more fulfilling. The Qi of your environment can support you, as well as obstruct you in your efforts. The significance of your interior Feng Shui has a relevance to your well being. In the realm of activating Earth Luck the place where you live is assessed to see if the location has potential of accumulating Qi, the environmental life force that pervades any home that is interacting harmoniously with the macro – the site of where you now reside.

When your residence is well placed it fulfils the potential in recognizing the interactive flow of Earth energy – ‘Earth supports when Human is in the right place.’ As an individual, you are not separate from the universal energy that enlivens the Earth. When you choose to allow a harmonious interaction of space to happen, it improves your Earth Luck hence enhancing optimal health and well being.

You cannot ignore that as a human race, you are here for such a short while and there is a collective responsibility to work with the life forces given by Mother Earth to nurture and sustain all of us. Understanding Feng Shui is not something that is about superstition or mumbo jumbo, it is within you to seek harmony within your internal and external environment.

There is a divine self that is connected to all living things that is part of an infinite source of creativity and that indicates you are not separate from the universe. It is the recognition that there is within you a divine beauty connected with this energy flow. When a natural environment more in harmony with Mother Earth is created there will a good chance of better harmonious living. Feng Shui wisdom reveals ideas that show that you are integrally and significantly related to the environment.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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