Traditional Chinese Feng Shui for Business Success

feng shui for businessTraditional Feng Shui goes far beyond objects, colours, designs & placement.

Someone once wrote – Feng Shui is Chinese for “put your husband’s crap in the garage.” Whoever coined that, must have been joking. The ancient wise sages would have been seriously offended by this ignorant description of Feng Shui. Traditional Feng Shui uses natural laws to explain the environmental energy called Qi and how it is tapped and harnessed. Business Feng Shui is no more different from Home Feng Shui.

It is this interactive relationship of auspicious flow of earth energy between a local location and a business site that brings physical benefits. Many times in life, you can lack the opportunity for an inroad. Feng Shui warrants this opportunity for success. Needing a boost and not achieving it, you may consider the alternative in Feng Shui. It is not an all cure miracle pill but a mechanism for Yin-Yang balance which in turn opens up new doors to greater opportunity.

The speed of implementing Feng Shui guidelines is crucial for applications to bring result oriented outcomes, provided best practices are adhered to. When your environment is not supportive enough, you may not see immediate results. Your Return-In-Investment has a life span and it is a slower return. Business can maintain employment only when it is seeing returns.

So what are the natural laws that traditional Feng Shui uses to explain the environmental energy called Qi and how does the tapping and harnessing of Qi affect the management of a business? 

Authentic traditional Feng Shui uses natural laws to explain the life force energy of the planet called Qi – operating in the physical environment and interacting with it. Qi is characteristic of all living things including earth itself. Qi in the ground appears visibly as water and above, it evaporates as mist. This active environmental energy is the life force that flows through hills, valleys and mountain ranges.

The main objective of selecting a good site is the clarification of its Qi content as its cultivation is important for the wellbeing of business, mind and spirit. The physical benefits of this cultivation are only some of the fruits of Feng Shui. The harnessing and tapping of beneficial Qi is also a powerful aid to improve abundance and prosperity, reduce mental and financial stress, providing an antidote to the pressures of entrepreneurial challenges. The Feng Shui system is an authentic system that guides and assists you to also manage and organise business activities effectively by experiencing the benefit of vital and harmonious Qi flow through the business lay out.

Traditional Feng Shui uses natural laws to study and assess the surrounding land and water exits. The traditional practice of connecting the working spaces to the external energy of the site at the macro level has never changed. Its wisdom is seen as practical solutions for modern challenges. The macro – the geography of the location that has been selected is analysed. It is about the environment outside and beyond the business site and the kind of life force that can be harnessed to pervade the building in the location selected.

It is the technique of tapping and harnessing this Earth energy to benefit your business of running your retail shop or managing your restaurant. A poor internal set-up of the business interior lay out coupled with a bad choice of site can affect cash flow, customer relations, staff morale and even profits. Traditional Feng Shui places a lot of importance on the micro level – the internal layout of the business premise.  Feng Shui is all about the harmonious interaction and synergy of the external with the internal layout.

Applying Feng Shui for business success is literally aspiring for the Feng Shui system to help you to see a return of your investments. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui acknowledges that the interconnectedness or lack of it between your location and the macrocosmic environment affects your inner peace. The system relies on locating and harnessing the Qi that flows through the veins of the earth as the accumulation or absence of it affects the quality of life. The varying degrees of this quality of life depends on the matching and balance of Yin and Yang features, the alignment and location of your building and interactive connection of environmental Qi.

Business Feng Shui is no different from Home Feng Shui. When there is a connectivity of auspicious flow of earth energy between a specific micro location and a site in the macro environment there are physical benefits. It also gives you specific guidelines on how to site, orient and plan the layout of the buildings where you work and run your business. It is about accumulating Earth energy to flow harmoniously when it pervades the internal space of this environment after applications to allow interaction to occur between immediate micro level and external macro level.

Many seem to think that Feng Shui is about living in harmony and that Feng Shui is about balance. Traditional Feng Shui goes far beyond simple furniture placement. Just rearranging furniture does not constitute dealing with balance and harmony for the corporations, retail stores or home business. These two words “balance and harmony” are truly misquoted and thrown around to explain what Feng Shui is. The resultant state of harmony and balance is acquired only when there is a state of vital Qi flowing through the premise. Qi has to pervade the building flowing from the external immediate environment which is interacting with the bigger capacity of where the site is – at the macro level.

The physical features of road, door, frontage, facade and surrounding features are part of the supportive features in the search for balance and harmony. When the features conform to the matching of Yin/Yang, there is a good resultant outcome. Then, only then, can balance and harmony be achieved. Results can still be achieved when there is some degree of mismatch but the results are slower.

It is the traditional practice of connecting the corporate houses and working spaces to the external energy that is consistently practised. It is about the macro – the geography of the location. It is about the environment outside and beyond the business site and the kind of life force that you can harness. It is the technique of tapping and harnessing this Earth energy to benefit you and your staff/employees working in the premise carrying out your business operations.

Choosing a site is important and following the guidelines in a start up is crucial for optimum success. There must be  a speed of implementation of Feng Shui advice for business to turn around. A date to begin renovation or open a new business activates Qi. Traditional Feng Shui cares very much about the micro – the internal layout of the premise of where you operate your business. The harmonious interaction and synergy of the external with the internal layout is what authentic Feng Shui is all about. To use Feng Shui for business success is literally aspiring for the Feng Shui system to help you to see a return of your investments.

So what is the history of authentic Feng Shui?

It has a long practice of 3000 years of history tracing its roots in imperial palaces in China. For centuries, the secret of the wisdom of these practices were kept within to preserve dynasties. All that changed when an imperial librarian escaped the fall of a dynasty and took with him scores of precious books which were read leading to knowledge being disseminated to the lay people. When Feng Shui secrets were used by people from all walks of life, the practice of passing knowledge from one generation to the next begun. Masters took on disciples to preserve ancient wisdom and practical applications.

With the wide spread of Feng Shui there are bound to be misconceptions interpreting the applications. Much later in subsequent dynasties, fake formulas were spread to mislead as rulers were afraid of being overthrown. There were fears of the secrets falling into the wrong hands. It is to be remembered that the Hans, the Chinese were conquered by the Manchurians in the Ching Dynasty. The Hans, the subjects possessed the cultural knowledge. Falsehood is not easily wiped out as each claims authenticity.

Due to the diligence of authenticity and integrity to test and research and keep records of case studies of success there are low key masters with a preference for low profiles that such ancient practices are kept alive. Today, big property developments, business centres, shopping malls and even townships use its principles. Today, many end users see Feng Shui ancient wisdom and its practical applications as solutions for modern business challenges.

This traditional method of analysing the environmental landform and life force energy is a good reliable working system where Earth luck helps you to meet the many challenges in your ever-evolving world. It is a traditional tool used to activate Earth luck by opening windows of opportunity for good outcome to follow. Good Feng Shui principles will invite eventual stability, progress and well being so needed for earning an honest living.

Traditionally, a Feng Shui set up requires a date specially selected to activate Earth luck when commencing construction, renovation or remodelling the interior layout. Selection of a good date is made following the Chinese astrology system or the Qi Men Dun Jia formula. Ancient sages teach: being ‘in the right place at the right time doing the right thing’ assists in good outcomes. “Heaven heeds. Earth supports. Humans do” is a statement worth remembering. Hence date selection is crucial when action is taken to activate Earth luck. Formulating Your Request For a Feng Shui Audi In order to utilize the benefits of Feng Shui to boost business success, it is important to be mindful of having valid Feng Shui goals. Expand your mind and be conscious of how you run your business.

Here are some questions I often ask my clients –
What are your Feng Shui goals?
Is your business able to draw new customers?
Are you able to retain them?
How do you describe your staff morale?
How do you describe your customer relations?
How do you rate your financial stability?

How do you rate your business or office environment? These questions will often lead you to review the management and organisation of how you run your business. It also leads you to formulate your request for Feng Shui applications to address specific issues that have turned up as problems or obstacles in achieving total success.

What is the role Feng Shui plays in business today?

Its role is to fulfil your aspirations and expectations as a business person who recognizes that if you truly want to be successful you need to excel and be a leader in your field. This can be viewed as a crucial and necessary component to winning big. Many entrepreneurs see Feng Shui as a crucial advantage for ultimate success. When applied in a business environment it is seen as an investment, not an expense. When many business owners want to put their business back on a successful profitable track, they consider Feng Shui as a priority, not as an afterthought.

Feng Shui techniques play a great role in assessing the environment to find solutions for poor cash flow, unsatisfactory customer service, poor salesmanship and non productivity. Whatever business problems you face, you must have an idea of what you want investigated. This system can help solve challenges in the business environment using result oriented techniques. The techniques have principles and concepts to address high levels of employee stress, and to increase productivity and the bottom line. New start ups and renovations for changes are always begun on auspicious dates specifically selected to activate fortunate outcomes and environmental synergy.

What are the vital benefits that can be experienced from Feng Shui?

With the support of Feng Shui balance and match of external and internal Yin/Yang in your environment, as business people you can reach your greatest potential to reflect and enact change in your unfolding relationship with your staff and your customers. A good interactive relationship with auspicious earth energy by tapping into its synergy will support you to make creative connections with how you run your business. Traditional Feng Shui helps your new business increase cash flow and productivity provided the essential guidelines are followed in a new start up. Choosing the right location, selecting the right site and using the right entry are all important factors for using Feng Shui for business success.

I hope you will find this piece helpful.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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