Traditional Chinese Feng Shui for the Home

feng shui for homeThe home is where the heart is. A home is also where interactive earth Qi flows & pervades.

If your home is where your heart is, where Qi is flowing harmoniously into every room revitalising and benefiting every occupant – mastery of a masterful, quality lifestyle lies in the palm of your hand. Your home is just a container where Qi resides. It is the harmonious flow of Qi between this location and the external capacity of the macro that you are part of – that allows an essential, interactive connectivity to occur.

Setting the home up for creative juices to flow, health and well being as well as abundance to be enjoyed, can be a goal towards mastering your immediate environment. A Feng Shui set up in the home is ideal for unleashing the mind and expanding human consciousness. Destiny of your space can be rewritten and improved upon. You can choose to upgrade the quality of current Earth luck or leave it to fate to shape your destiny. The choice is yours. Life gives many choices. It is the commitment of that choice that makes the difference.

With today’s busy life style are you coping well?
Is your busy and stressful life style a threat to a natural and holistic way of living?

If stress takes over your life, it can become a challenge juggling everyday living and keeping a work/home life balance. It is even harder to crack the success code in relationship building, in wealth accumulation, in personal development, in climbing the corporate ladder and staying healthy, wealthy and wise with such a busy and stressful life style. There isn’t room for anything else. Don’t you think getting back to the natural and holistic setting of living an option?

Your lifestyle need not necessarily and constantly be a rushing home life ruled by schedules and timelines, keeping up with the Joneses, running countless errands without a day set aside for “me time.” Masterful living is the key. Opt for a return to a natural and holistic setting, not only of living but of thinking – to unleash the mind and expand your human consciousness.

Should you choose to rediscover the support of a Feng Shui system, choose traditional Feng Shui where it emphases the matching of internal Yin/Yang in your home with the capacity of your external environment. With this emphasis on interactive balance, you can reach your greatest potential to reflect and enact change in your unfolding relationship with your loved ones. A good interactive relationship by inter-relating with Mother Earth, tapping into her synergy will support you to make creative connections with how you run your life.

Traditional Feng Shui acknowledges that creating a building on any land is adding a container-like form that can flow and breathe with the rhythms of the earth. Peace, balance and harmony with the physical features of the land are of top priority. It is also about obtaining the greatest beneficial advantage from being “in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing at the right time.” The essence of timing is also being in tune with the universe and its energy. Your life in a well balanced home can give you the self empowering tool to obtain the most out of your well being. Give your home the synergy of harmonious Qi flow – so you can transform, rejuvenate, rediscover how to love and live your life.

Living in a well balanced home has been acknowledged as a way to increase vitality and thus improve work ethics and in the long run – wealth management. The saying Health is Wealth rings true. Prosperity is always linked with wealth. In this context are the entry points into your inner sanctuary from the external immediate environment well placed? Is your entry leading to the heart of your home conforming to the capacity of receiving or deflecting Qi? Does the capacity of both external and internal in accordance with each other? The door is likened to the mouth. Physical nourishment of the body depends very much on the nature and quality of food that passes through the mouth.

Physical nourishment depends greatly on the quality of the body and organs in absorption, assimilation and elimination factors. Much of this way of thinking applies to your home. Qi, the environmental life force invigorates the land. Human life force enlivens your physical body. You are not separate from the Universe. You are part of the Universe. So stay connected. Be mindful of the interactive connection.

Qi cultivation in the home is important for the wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. The physical benefits of this cultivation are only some of the fruits of Feng Shui. The harnessing and tapping of beneficial Qi is also a powerful aid to improve health and reduce mental and emotional stress, providing an antidote to the pressures of modern challenges. The Feng Shui system that guides and assists you to also manage stress or other ailments effectively by experiencing the benefit of vital Qi flow is an authentic system.

The added benefit is that this system has been known to assist in the evolution of human consciousness. To evolve harmoniously and develop a more balanced harmonious nature, you need to understand and learn about yourself so that you can live your daily life according to your true nature, personality, behaviour and character. The best way to evolve is to unleash your mind and expand your consciousness. A home that enjoys the perks of a good Feng Shui home encourages such mindfulness.

I hope you will find this piece helpful.

Remember, stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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