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ladies lifeChinese astrology acknowledges that your destiny and fate impact you in your everyday life as a woman, as a wife, as a mother or grandmother, as a homemaker, as a career person juggling motherhood, homemaking and wifehood.

If your love life as well as your career world is not working according to your expectations – reach out for answers. The answers may not lie in what you have been traditionally taught about love, relationship and life. The answers may lie in some home truths the ancient masters try to reveal about “ladies’ life” charts.

When you understand the nature of reality and the guiding principles of creation, you can apply them in your own life to manifest your desires for a happier life, manifesting love at different levels and at different scenarios on the terms of your destined life.

Wise sayings, tips, advice and information on ladies’ life charts will be shared. Here you get to hear what the ancients say about ladies and how your contemporary mindset can help you develop strategies to understand and develop winning ways to get ahead in relationship matters as well as in career paths.

It will help you to examine how you relate to your spouse or boyfriend and then learn how to relate more harmoniously Instead of holding on locked in conflict and frustration you can seek for deeper answers. You can learn how to place focus on how to act on your strengths and know how to make the correct changes by understanding your weaknesses. It is also about facing the reality of what is. There are modern challenges to face when you want it all – a happy relationship, a loving family and an enriching career. Some days you wish you could give up your career and be a stay at home mum and at others times you juggle with your emotions, priorities and conscience especially when timing calls for multi-tasking. How do you deal with the struggle in keeping a balance between your career, personal life and children, loss of promotion and opportunity that Fate delivers you on a particular day or week?

You can take things in your stride and let it go. But honestly, how do you move beyond reaction, and design your destiny around the things that matter to you. Is it possible to have your cake and eat it? Knowing your destiny chart after it has been decoded will give you better clarity – about your possibilities and potentials. The capacity to cope well can be read in the chart but a time will arrive when circumstances change. Are your actions based on inspired guidance or on choices inspired by destiny decoding?

Do you feel as though your life is not happening even though you have taken action? You are not one to sit by and accept that things are not going to change. The more you change the more things are not changing. It is time you understand that in Chinese philosophy, change is the only thing that is constant. Change occurs. Change is inevitable. Your destiny analysis reveals the cycle of change.

An analysis of your destiny chart will arm you with insightful information and reveal what to change and when to carry it through. It might come about that there is no need to change but what is expected is your acceptance of a situation or personality trait that is part of your destiny chart and you have no control over destiny. You can improve upon destiny but it cannot be rewritten.

There is then, an essential need for a mindset change to be implemented. A great strength of character plus a strong mind will resist this mind set change. The fault is often seen as the other side has the wrong perception. Or it is that people do not understand how complex the problem or issue is, these strong personalities will complain. But when barriers are broken down and resistance is gone the mindset is reversed, issues are clearer.

There is then an acceptance followed by admission of holding on locked in conflict because these personalities felt they were right. They admit they were wrong. When reality is faced there is a lot more clarity and focus that can be channeled on vision for the future. Does this in any way relate to you?

On the other hand, do you feel disconnected from life happening around you? Or do you feel that there has to be more to your life than what you are currently undergoing?

Stress, unhappy emotions or anxiety about your future as a partner, wife, homemaker, career person, mother or mother in law can occupy your waking hours. Your love life as well as your career world is not working. Instead you battle with depression, anxiety, health issues, guilt, fear and conflict.

However there are answers.

The answers do not lie in what you have been traditionally guided to react – about difficulty in love situations, relationship and life in general. They might apply to many ladies but you have to be more insightful in looking for answers outside the box. The answers lie in what the ancient civilizations and teachers of Chinese astrology try to reveal home truths for you to face according to your “ladies’ life” charts. The knowledge about ladies’ lives is profound and yet simple and will forever change the way you view yourself and your life in general and the milestones in your journey through life.

It will give you answers for what you’ve been searching for your entire life. You need a reality check, a solid grounding and balanced view on the knowledge revealed in your destiny charting that will greatly assist you in creating a life you love – feeling less stress on issues you have no control over and perceptions from others that you have no power to erase.

When you understand the nature of reality and the guiding principles of creation, nurture and life management you can apply them in your own life to manifest your desires of a happier love life, a stable family life and a progressive career path.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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