These past few years we have seen many going through turbulent times with fears of financial woes, frustration, panic and despondency about our current life situations. Financial stress is at an all-time high.

The constant question many of us often ask ourselves: “Will all our worries about our survival end? Will our hard work ever pay off? Will we ever pay off our credit card debt?” We really have no idea of when the anxiety of this period of hardship will end.

It is not our fault we feel hopeless and unable to handle the relatively new change in our circumstances.

If we had searched for BaZi consultants we could have found the answers.

What worked for us a couple of years ago will not work for us now in today’s economy. The economy has taken a toll on many young Mums and Dads and many others in every field, in every country.

While things were going well in the past, we enjoyed success, as long as we worked hard and kept our nose to the grindstone.

In life there is a cycle of change. In Nature seasons change, day turns into night and there is an ebb and flow of the tide. In human affairs luck cycles change. When our cycle of luck changes to unfavorable, it is harder and harder to win the game of money.

Even in the country’s economy, cash flow is a huge problem. Business owners are cutting their own costs, raising prices and downsizing employees. On the other, consumers like us are holding tightly to the wallet and not spending. There is no cash flow for retailers and small businesses. What affects the country also affects us.

Holding on to a steady income from our employment is a stressful time. We discover the sad truth that simply working harder and longer is not the answer to solving money problems — in fact, the harder we try, the more stressed and frustrated we feel.

Emotional stress and loss of clarity work against our desired success. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

Instant Gratification

The reality is that this is an age of instant gratification where credit cards are used readily in financial transactions. This modern convenience of instant cash was unheard of in our grandparents’ time. It was not the order of the day around the time our parents were growing up.

In better economic times we found spending money was easy. It was instant gratification with the credit card so readily accepted and regularly used.

The reality was – we were spending money we did not have as we were paying for items on credit. In the past we were economically able to pay interest on money advanced to us.

Now – the truth hits home – there is a lack of hard cash when our bank does not give us credit anymore. And this is a huge problem not only in our household but in many households where instant gratification was accepted as a way of life.

Now – reality is hard to accept – there are no savings for a rainy day or for retirement and it is a hard pill to swallow when we can lose everything – investment savings, retirement benefits and even our home that can be repossessed by the lending banks.

It is a sad fact that every household is badly hit by this global recession. Many business owners suffer untold grief becoming recessionary casualties as a result of tight-fisted money policies which in turn stifle hopes and dreams.

We are told that 95% of these business failures in this poor economic climate did not occur overnight. Many could be caused by mismanagement, over-expenditure and poor decisions. Financial stress is high with frustration, panic and despondency now keeping many awake at night.

Charles Darwin explained that survival does not necessarily go to the strongest but to the species that is most adaptable to changing circumstances.

Times are changing. So it is either we adapt and take charge of our life and career, or fall prey to the really bad economic times we face today.

The more we are working harder and longer than ever will not work now. Just plain hard work – without good management and good sense of accumulating cash instead of overspending – does not pay off like it used to.

Commitment to good housekeeping, good choices and better decisions is our game changer. Best practices of good money management will definitely not lead to this struggle. For now we have to tread water so as not to sink and drown.

Time to change our circumstance

It is the best time for us to rediscover how we can handle money better. It is appropriate to learn about our capacity to earn and accumulate our wealth for a stress-free financial future.

When we adjust our financial capacity well we can align that strategy to save rather than overspend. We must make sure this capacity is consistent with our aim of getting more out of a life of financial freedom without debts to pay and the fear of having our house repossessed.

If we know that there will be financial loss then it is better that we know and seek opportunities to lower our debt, tighten our belt or find a second job to supplement our income and be successful and happy, rather than strive so hard to buy that car with a bank loan only to fail to make monthly payments. It is demoralizing; moreover any personal failure is financially devastating.

On the other hand, we might want to chase a dream to quit our job and follow our dream of being our own boss but the timing to chase that dream at this point in our life is not right. The wrong timing to chase that dream can result in failure and a total abandonment of that dream.

According to destiny that dream is only meant to be realised not at this point in time but perhaps in 5 years’ time which would have given us higher chances of success. Knowing what lies ahead in the future, we should keep our job, save our money and time and wait for the right timing.

According to Chinese philosophy, timing is of great essence. To be successful in achieving goals knowing the right timing to kick start any project can be very powerful. Doing the right things at the wrong time could spell disaster. It is the same person, same capability but a different outcome due to the factor of timing – there is a time and tide in the affairs of humans.

At difficult times like these it is no more about keeping our head above water but more about adapting to changing circumstances and taking charge of our household economy and personal financial management.

Successful financial independence is a choice which we all can eventually gain. We must learn to overcome obstacles and when we succeed our success will leave clues. These clues are strong evidence for a lasting legacy of financial freedom for our children to remember and learn.


There are different options of wealth strategies that we can invest our time in successfully and by our experiences we can pass down these concepts of financial freedom to our children. We can have a chance to teach them to love what they do and get paid for enjoying what they do.

But first, learn the secret behind the level of achievement that allows us to work less, earn more and enjoy time with our family and friends. To do this we need to know everything there is to know about the wealth element in our life.

If we aspire to be a better money manager and knowing our desire then we will need to check whether that capacity to manage and create wealth can be a reality. There are two obvious options available in the path pertaining to money – either we are strong and capable of controlling money or we end up with money controlling us giving us endless money woes.

The more we are working harder and longer than ever the more we seem to feel hard work just does not pay off like it used to. Our struggle is to tread water and not sink and drown. At difficult times like these it is just about keeping our head above water.

We feel stuck running faster and faster like the hamster on a wheel. When we feel like that, we are working hard every single day, each day harder than the last. But when it comes right down to it – we feel depressed with nothing to show for it.

We don’t have to be in this struggle mode paying all our household bills and personal credit card bills and at the end of each month find ourselves sliding farther and farther behind. We deserve better than feeling “trapped” which is depressing and difficult to run away from.