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The alignment of the cosmic trilogy of Heaven, Earth and Human has its foundation in Chinese Meta-Physics. Life management skills contain the philosophy behind the understanding of “Heaven knows, Earth supports and Humans do” Heaven Luck is Destiny which pertains to the decoding system used to analyse your child’s birth data. Heaven Luck/Destiny/Bazi is the diagnosis. Earth Luck/Feng Shui is the prescription.

Activating Earth Luck is in the realm of Feng Shui Shui application. Its quality can be improved upon. Human Luck refers to virtues, education, action and beliefs. It is important to know what kind of Human Luck your child has. It is important to know what governs it. According to ancient sages, success is governed by five important factors namely: destiny, luck, Feng Shui, virtues and knowledge.

Destiny: determined at birth, knowable, unchangeable but can be improved upon with actions, decisions and choices. The purpose of decoding destiny is to understand a child’s strengths and weaknesses, capacity and limitations and the nature of luck cycles which call for an understanding of change. Insightful information gained is seen as an aid to nurture your child’s inherent nature. You get to know your child’s destined path, understand your child better so that others in the family too can get to understand him/her better.

The key lies in the insights gained about your child’s core values, traits, characteristics, personality and behaviour. It is about how your child resonates in the 5 key areas of Output (what your child generates, communication, decision making, performance), Achievement/Wealth (what your child creates, organizes and manages), Authority (his/her ability to lead, take discipline, the end result of your child’s output, productivity and what supports his/her resourcefulness, security and comfort zone,), Resource (what supports your child, health & wellbeing, knowledge & education) and Self Element (what strengthens your child so that he/she can produce more.) Network of Associates (the same element as the Day Master/your child, how siblings, friends and competitors relate to him/her). 

Luck: varies with time but is predictable. A ten year luck cycle appearing in the natal chart denotes events of change in a child’s life. When disharmony occurs in your child’s life occurs, instead of asking ‘What’s wrong?’ you have the insightful knowledge to check your child’s luck cycle and plan on the action you should take to put the matter right. When you want to optimise the effectiveness of principles that define a smoother life for your child, you take result-oriented actions and make better choices.

If you know about the incoming positive spell you can guide your child to seek to be bolder and maximise the opportunity to succeed. In poorer periods you should look after your child’s health and wellbeing giving support and provide a good sense if comfort and security.

Feng Shui: The art that studies the environment and how Qi interacts with home or premise. Ancients teach that being “in the right place doing the right thing at the right time” brings good fortune. Living in a home with good Feng Shui has its advantages. It can enhance health and well being, success in studies, well adjusted and filial children with good behaviour that you can be proud of. Feng Shui falls in the realm of Earth Luck which can be activated in choosing the best for him/her to operate on a daily basis to mitigate any risk in periods of a low luck cycle.

In this realm the sleeping and studying directions and locations are examined to give the best for child and parent to bond and thrive in all aspects of growth and development.

Virtues: good deeds like charity for the needy, donations to the poor, helping others. The ancient sages advise the virtue to do more good deeds. This is the most basic law of nature. The doing of good deeds and helping others will naturally come full circle back to the giver and helper. When help is needed, others will help in return.

Teach and share this concept with your child. You will be surprised how this will return to you in the form of filial feelings towards his/her parents, grandparents and the community of elders. First practice the saying “charity begins at home.” Teach your child to help himself/herself before helping others. Helping others later on is a good virtue to instil as it is important to instil a sense of community spirit.

Education/Knowledge: keenness to learn; seeking knowledge. Without education, knowledge & effort, good luck can be wasted. Regular reading at bedtime of nursery rhymes and popular stories will increase a fondness for learning and from there you can take it to the next level of your child’s competence. You can introduce documentaries that teach about wild life, the eco- system, health and fitness – all activities that help to cultivate a love of learning.

Toys, trips and activities can be planned with the aim of learning something. The cultivation of a love of learning is more crucial than participation without a goal or vision in mind when getting your child to join in. Refrain from putting your child in front of a book, a television set or attend classes to fill in time for you as a parent while you do other things. Activities or lessons should be planned with a goal in mind. It is wise to use your child’s destiny code to understand his/her capacity, performance and creativity before you draw up a plan of action. It must be done with the understanding of his/her destiny code.

Having a good attitude is important. A proper mindset and attitude will change close relative’s perception of your child should he/she appears stern looking or unsmiling. Last but not least, self-cultivation is the way to improve wellbeing. This can be done by embarking in spiritual cultivation like a walking meditation, having quiet time to process thoughts or learning martial arts to teach discipline and perseverance. A healthy mind will have a healthy body.

It is up to you as a parent to allow your child to choose what path to follow later on in life when it comes to life choices. The road map that your child is given will help you to guide him/her along the highways of life. It is important to know too that your child needs to learn personal qualities such as will power, determination, hard work and self belief as your child begins life journeys in teenage years. All sincere efforts to do the right thing will be rewarded especially charity work, donations to the needy, virtues and education.

In using Chinese astrology to understand your child and his/her capacity, potential and possibilities is a new way of thinking. It is not about finding ways that your child is different from everyone else or finding ways that your child is separate from everyone else in order to be that unique person that you want him/her to be. It is of utmost importance to know what extraordinary capacity your child has to reveal his/her potential.

Insightful information from your child’s destiny analysis guides you about your child’s limitations and what boundaries confine his/her way of thinking. It is also about acceptance or non acceptance of leadership or discipline in your child’s life at home and at school

Having your child’s birth data analysed and the destiny chart decoded, you, as a loving parent can possess the invaluable insights in knowing what Heaven Luck has in store for your child. The analysis gives you the guidance and inspiration to assist in maximizing your child’s possibilities in the key areas of your child’s life – like the Output Area, the Wealth Area, the Authority Area, the Resource Area and the Network of Associates Area.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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