Chinese Metaphysics: The 3 Cosmic Factors

the 3 cosmic factorsChinese Metaphysical science has its foundation in the alignment of three cosmic factors: “Heaven Luck Earth Luck Human Luck.” Heavenly Luck is a given. Earth Luck quality can be improved upon. Human Luck is within your control. Human Luck refers to your virtues, your education, your action and the things you believe in. To achieve your goals you need decisions followed by action. Human luck is maximised when you gain complete fulfilment. It is important to know what kind of Human Luck you have. It is important to know what governs it.

There is also an ancient teaching about “being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.” The right place refers to Earth Luck. The right time refers to Heaven Luck. Doing the right thing refers to Human action. Inside this ancient teaching of being in the right place doing the right thing there are openings for you to take powerful action calls.

The experience of being guided – being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing transforms you to think about what you want to do in life so that life becomes meaningful. This ancient teaching opens up a new realm of possibility for yourself and your life. Mahatma Gandhi said: “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” This is in itself a profound statement of taking action to bring out your greatness.

Inside of dealing with life, being motivated, being inspired by this teaching about the cosmic trilogy does not produce results. Drawing up a list of what you want to do is meaningless unless you take action on what you want done. The trilogy of “Heaven Earth Man” is interpreted as Heaven has a destined path in store for Humans. Knowing that Heaven Luck is a given Earth Luck is needed to be worked at and improved upon. Seeking the right place to do the right thing makes immense sense. Doing the right thing is heeding what Heaven has in store for you. When Earth supports Humans after choosing the right place all that is left to do is take action to bring out your greatness.

Action produces results. Understanding the cosmic trilogy does not produce results. The cosmic trilogy has a huge impact on you when you fully comprehend the truly meaningful significance of ‘Heaven Earth and Human.’  Without human actions the trilogy cannot become alive. Feeling empowered to take action makes the statement ‘Humans do’ significant.

Destiny Analysis

In the cosmic trilogy of “Heaven Earth and Human,” destiny analysis belongs to the realm of Heaven. Destiny is decoded and analysed to know what Heaven has in store for Humans. There is a Chinese saying: “Humans can believe in destiny but cannot leave things to destiny.” Believing in destiny is to embrace what Heaven has bestowed on Humans and working with strengths and weaknesses.

During bad luck cycles, it is wiser to lay low making preparations for the change of tide when good luck arrives. During a good luck cycle, the best line of action is to go all out to achieve and reap a plentiful harvest. It is the best way of embracing good Heaven Luck. If leaving it to destiny, then it is basically doing nothing. When the right time comes, being physically present and capable to accept abundance & good fortune makes a great deal of difference.

On the other hand, there are things you can do that can lead to success when discussing a change in life events. Finding out when the bad situation will take place helps. But, if nothing is done within the time frame then the unfortunate outcome will eventuate. However, if there is a decision to salvage, make changes and revitalise the poor situation there will be a win-win situation. You only know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know. Since it is unknown then there is no way you can find out. You can only react based on the information available.

Modern masters today teach that being “in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time” will bring you good outcomes. Applying Feng Shui principles is heeding what modern masters teach about being in the right place. Besides needing Earth science you still need to know what Heaven has in store for you. Knowing your destined path you can live a life of purpose but there is a need to seize opportunities when they appear in annual luck cycles or ten year cyclical change.

This is the time to make things happen when you are “in the right place doing the right thing at the right time.” That is what the ancient sages have been teaching all the while. This is what you can learn from having your birth chart analysed.

There is a fear that what ancient sages have been guiding, will slowly die out especially when many non believers are becoming cynical of ancient teachings. In life the ancient sages teach that Humans stand between Heaven and Earth. In human affairs whether humans like it or not, they are ruled by Heaven above and the Earth they stand on. Earth is only a tiny dot in the planetary system, yet the ancient sages have passed down information that they have acquired in their observation and study of the planetary system recording events and happenings and see them repeated over and over again.

Things are changing especially with many arrogant and cynical people who have experienced it all. After many failures, they realise it is helpful for them to go for what is destined by Heaven. They finally realise that Heaven’s way is the quickest way instead of trying to make things happen and then finding sadly that nothing is happening. They learnt that the path of great resistance is not the fastest path to success. Focusing on destined strengths and not on perceived strong points is the smoother way to success.

Of late, two Meta-Physical studies – the art of analysing destiny in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, an Earth science – are being revived on a massive scale. The old fashioned way of learning is a one to one mentorship. Today, the mass popularity ensures the survival of Earth science and destiny analysis. Ancient systems being kept alive is one thing but in such cases of group teaching there is a fear among traditionalists about the loss of authenticity due in part to its commercialism.

Earth Luck

In activating Earth Luck there are good locations that have potential. But as a human, you have not fulfilled your potential in recognizing the interactive flow of earth energy. Earth supports when Human is in the right place. It is possible you have not evolved if you are unfeeling as a human. The teaching of the cosmic trilogy indicates that Humans need to transform, become enlightened, so Humans can access the realm of consciousness necessary for human evolution. I think on the whole, we are too easy to identify ourselves as individuals separate from the universal energy that enlivens the Earth.

When you elect to ignore the harmonious interaction of space, it can cause a deficit for you and for Earth Luck. That idea is fortified daily through stimulation of your desire to operate on your own and this anchors you more to “the self” rather than part of the cosmic trinity. You ignore that the human race is here for such a short while and there is a collective responsibility to work with the life forces given by Mother Earth to nurture and sustain us, humans.

Understanding Feng  Shui is not something that is about superstition or mumbo jumbo. It is within you to seek harmony within yourself as well as with your internal and external environment. All of us are driven by fear of business failure. All of us, including you, desire for a return on investments, defined by the material self which is the very reason people go into business. There is a divine self that is connected to all living things that is part of an infinite source of creativity. Some will probably describe that, using quantum physics or science.

But personally, I choose to believe you and I are not separate from the universe. It is the recognition that there is a divine beauty in you and me and we are connected with this energy flow. If selfish material needs are set aside and a natural environment more in harmony with Mother Earth is created there will a good chance of better harmonious living.

I think this is one of the greatest things of modern life that there is access to these ideas of interacting harmoniously with the Earth’s life force energy. For me, it is a way of life in the secular world of accessing very beautiful principles of balance and harmony. If more of its principles are used, perhaps there will be happier people when all around now there is disillusionment with the economy, concern about ecology, worry with the politicians, no trust in what is being told.

If skeptics, superstition or even transient ideas of individualism is removed there are more acceptances. Feng Shui wisdom reveals ideas that show that Humans are integrally and significantly related to the environment. Human action of living in the service of the community –  going into business – to serve the needs of the community and of course to make money need guidelines to apply the system.

What is important is defining things that all Humans share: unity, togetherness, harmony, balance, achievement and fulfillment. As long as there are environmental stories that are shared and not overlooked, these ideas of more interaction of Earth energy, Humans have hope. But as long as there is no interplay of interactive life force where Humans live and work in, there will exist in opposition to the principles of an ancient tradition that sees Human and the external and immediate spaces as an integral whole. Humans will be vulnerable to the lack of energy, oppressive, compressed, stagnant and lifeless life force.

These negative aspects of the environment will impact the quality of business life and its operations. The line between positive and negative life force runs between Yin and Yang spaces, between external frontage and internal indoors, physical features of high and low land as in streets and roads and the existence or non existence of bodies of water in the macro layout of the environment. This principle of interactive relationship runs through the heart of an ancient wisdom.

The reality is: there is one planet and the planet consists of mountains, valleys, lowlands, hills, flatland, rivers, streams, meandering rivers and lakes. The urban reality is there is one planet and the planet contains cities, townships and housing estates and these urban reality consists of long streets, roundabouts, cul-de-sacs, highways, moving traffic, bridges and tunnels. When these systems are acknowledged, the reality will bring benefit to people in general in how energy improves life. But there must be access to this reality of interactive relationship with the greater environment.

The traditional Feng Shui system gives resources to the people while respecting the planet. Any system that is detrimental to the planet or detrimental to the people in favour of negative human traits of greed, unnecessary risk taking and selfishly slashing land without recognition of underlying energy force should be rejected. As long as these ideas are promoted we will exist in opposition to one another.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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