The Autumn Years of My Life

the autumn years of my lifePositive emotions in the autumn years of my life can allow me to find a deeper sense of mindfulness. My continued purpose in life and the network of support surrounding me are all components that will help increase my overall life satisfaction. Compassion, helping others is the key to a meaningful life. A healthy social life promotes longevity. So I am going for stronger social relationships in a networking group.


You are familiar with seeking success. You know that the roadmaps along the highways of life will need personal qualities: will power, determination, hard work, self belief, doing the right thing, charity work and donations to the needy.

Just a question

Is it possible to be born older and wiser at birth instead of only gaining wisdom much later? If it possible then we might not make as many mistakes like we did in our foolish younger days. People say we learn from our mistakes but youth cannot be repeated. Old age is called golden years and there is nothing golden about it except that I can advise based on my wisdom and experience. In each of us there lives a desire “to live my life, let me make my mistakes” when others try to advice. Each of us needs golden nuggets now and again.

Do you need any ‘golden nuggets’ at this stage in your journey through life?

Well planned journeys are successful when destinations are reached without the burden of stress and frustration of losing the way. In your journey through life if you do not have a road map to guide you, you can get lost. The roadmaps along the highways of your life will need not only accompanying personal qualities but a design for mastering the art of living and strategic steps to take you from where you are to where you want to go.

A Leap of Faith

With twists and turns in life you cannot help but ask Heaven to reserve a bit of luck. Like bamboo bending with the wind you do know how to take all the harsh reality without breaking. You wondered sometimes – if only you can buy Luck when you really need it most. But, you and I know and learn that money cannot buy Luck nor even buy Love. Friends always say things happen for a reason. Year by year the family situation is in need of a review.

The more external factors change, the more you feel stuck. There are areas in your life that require help and balance. Now, you hear that traditional Feng Shui and BaZi is empowered to be the solution. You are keen if it is a means of getting the best for self to improve the quality of your life and gain some peace of mind. Conventional wisdom – be damned; you will take this leap of faith to take this Chinese Meta-Physical chance.

Another question: Should you be down with luck that you take this leap of faith?

The Earth Luck Paradox

Feng Shui is at least 3000 years old. It is as relevant today as in ancient times. Ancient people, however, understood about harmonising human existence with Nature. But today we design urban mansions on stamp size plots. Good placement and harnessing of excellent Qi is somehow lost in theory. The Qi mouth is hard to locate in the vicinity of real estate. The house designs looks impressive but there is no positive interaction between residence and the external environment.

Even condominium buildings need an interactive ability between immediate physical surroundings and the bigger suburban environment. There are much bigger dwellings but smaller family units. There are huge space for several cars but less garden and trees. We have more architecture but less Qi containment, more internal rooms but less bright hall space. It is important that Qi should congregate not escape.

People and Earth luck

We decorate our home too lavishly, follow Feng Shui tips too blindly, buy ‘frog’ charms too quickly but call up Feng Shui experts too late when disasters or loss is already at the door step. In place of expert advice, we have higher expectations of quick success from band aids like hanging objects, statues and colour choice to bring in the needed fortune.

Earth science places more importance on interactive Qi of environment and balance and harmony of occupied space not on symbolic new age versions. There is a misconception that non living objects can have impact on working and living spaces that do not have a harmonious interactive relationship between site and location.

Residents are long on personal reasons why Feng Shui solutions cannot be done but short on any agreement about making life adjustments. It is timely now when in real need of review to search for masters to lessen stress and be given more good information and solid solutions about the art of using Earth science to improve Earth luck.

Taking Positive action

If you are at a cross road, you have to get to the Finish Line. If you are at a turning point – ahead is where you place yourself not behind. When there is a crisis you are not sure about what you should do. You are confused. With informed decisions you need not stand at a cross road. When you find you have solutions you think of taking action to get that head start to maximise the opportunity of using your Human Luck to go forward.

You need to see Feng Shui audits or Ba Zi readings as INVESTMENTS rather than as EXPENSES. That is the way to go if you want the opportunity to adapt to changes to improve your current status. In poor economic times it is not about the survival of the fittest and the strongest but it goes to the ones who can adapt to the changing circumstance.


You might attribute phenomenal career to luck. Going beyond luck, hard work is what is needed including cultivation: Discipline, Attitude & Skills to build relationships with peers and supervisors. While luck is a beautiful thing you have to recognise chances and seize opportunities. You have to perform to your level best and create your own destiny – charting your own actions if you want a career change or to repair a relationship that is breaking down.

BaZi has an important skill to:

Determine the real cause of a problem

Map out the course of action to take

Prepare you to watch out for potential complications or challenges

Make choosing the right decisions or choosing the right actions easy

Investigate the potential pathways of your life

Explore your luck cycles

Determine the correct timing for the change you need to take

Or inform you that change is not evident

Make internal changes rather than external circumstances

Knowing all of this helps you to make choosing the right decisions or taking the right actions easy. You have the opportunity to achieve success. Or continue to make a mess of your life. In essence, you have to be in a better position to be able to understand yourself, understand your potentials, know your options and be aware of your phases of luck at a deeper level.

If you do not understand yourself how can you really understand others? Do you really understand your spouse, children, parents or friends and workmates at a deeper level from your perspective and from your destiny chart? If you do not know your potentials how can you maximise them or help your children better themselves? If you do not know your options to lead life on your terms how can you make your choices?

There are transitions, breakthroughs and seasonal changes in your journey through life. Knowing is followed by preparation for the highs. Not knowing can cost you in terms of lost opportunities. Good opportunities do not come often but when the windows open you have to grab them. But, if you do not know the resultant outcome how can you confidently grasp the chance? Bad luck does not remain bad all the time, but if you do not know when it ends how can you start preparation to receive the next good cycle? Understanding timing and luck gives you a chance to plan ahead to avoid a stress-free life style.

Why should you put faith in a BaZi reading?

Can you afford to make uninformed decisions? Knowing more about the state of your finances, relationships, personality, security and talents prepares you for what lies ahead. Knowing more about your status you have the opportunity to remove limitations, uplift the weaker areas and move away from the self-sabotage that you use as excuses for not seeking happiness in your current survival.

Can you achieve success on your own?

To create success you realize it is about creating relevant changes. For change to occur you have to change. Achieving ultimate success you need to focus on moving up to the next level. Staying in your current state of complacency, it is hard to achieve that level of competence you are expecting. You must know what you need to change and implement it; you need to know when to effect change and do it at opportune times.

There is a cause and effect in achieving success. In seeking ultimate success you need to fall for the cause first. Too often the effect seems to be the main attraction and the cause is often ignored. Success is not sustainable when pain and effort are considered too difficult. Limiting perceptions can leave you stuck personally and professionally when you fall in love with the effect of being successful but not in love with the cause. To be successful at what you do is a result of constant and consistent practice. Success is achieved through hands on training, through observation and experience.

Cause and direction can take charge of your destiny.

Become realistic in accepting limitations, flaws and weaknesses when it is revealed to you in a decoding of your destiny. Knowing your capacity to improve on your imperfections gives you the power to abolish a lack mentality. When you believe in being different and in being better it is important to realise your life potentials, options and capacity to deliver the results you expect of yourself. When it is time to own your life it comes down to action or inaction; well-timed or ill-timed action steps. With ACTION at auspicious timing you can get on the right path to making your dream of success a reality.

I hope you will find this piece helpful. The ball is literally in your court.

Understand Heaven Luck. Harness Earth Luck. Activate Human Luck.

Heaven Luck/Destiny/BaZi is diagnosis. Earth Luck/Feng Shui is prescription,

Heaven heeds. Earth supports. Humans do.

Stay curious. Learning is a journey. It is not a destination.

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